The Monkey Is…

…a writer living and working in northern California.

…a parent, spouse, sibling, child, friend, neighbor.

…a champion of libraries and literacy.

…a person who dreams of taking live poultry on public transportation.

…feeling lucky to be living the kind of life that a lot of people only dream about.

…devoted to being a producer, not a consumer.

…looking for ways to live a little more lightly.

9 responses

  1. Hi Jungle Monkey!

    I checked out a couple articles on your site. Great content! I just wrote my first book called “How to Write a Book and Have Fun Doing It” and I think the content might appeal to your readers. I was thinking that you might be interested in doing a post (or me doing a guest post) or interview to share it with your readers in mid-November when it will be launched on the Kindle Platform. We could talk about writers block, organizing your book, Kindle publishing… etc. If you’re interested get in touch with me on Facebook (Shams Nelson) and I’ll send you the intro and first paragraph of the manuscript so you can check it out. God bless!

    ~Shams (

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