Lise Quintana

Editor in Chief, Zoetic Press

Everything about my life is slightly misleading. I’m the editor in chief of an award-winning literary journal, NonBinary Review, but I’d rather be writing (although I’ve done that too). My writing has been nominated for the Pushcart and won other prizes, but I can’t get an agent to return my calls. In addition to writing and editing, I weave chain maille, crochet, felt, and sew. I do calligraphy, voice acting, archery, whipcracking, cooking, baking, and drawing, although I consider myself fundamentally lazy. I invented a new kind of e-reader for nonlinear literature for which I hold patents, but I am not really a computer person. I also teach the occasional class for my alma mater, Antioch University Los Angeles, although I don’t consider myself much of a teacher. Lastly, I really, really love people (I tell pretty much all my friends that I love them all the time – it’s probably a little weird at this point), but I would always rather be alone.