Day 1: The Trip Down

I mostly packed yesterday, hitting up Office Max for a giant cube of sticky notes and a few pads of graph paper. I like taking notes on graph paper because I take outline-style notes, and it makes lining stuff up easier. Yup. That’s exactly how anal I am.

This morning, I frantically searched my email for a confirmation of my hotel reservation, but a simple phone call confirmed that I did have a reservation. The drive was so uneventful as to not even warrant discussion. Mostly, I ate carrots and listened to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for about the fourth time.

I’ve created an entirely new calendar just for school that has all of my class choices on it. What frustrates me is that the schedule declares “Seminar locations are posted at the Residency.” That’s so frustrating, because the really, really anal part of me wants to be able to put a room number on all these classes so I know in advance where I’m going, and so that when I show up tomorrow, I don’t stand rooted in one place staring wildly around myself and freaking out.

I’ve been perusing the Residency Guide (which is the equivalent of the course catalog I got when I was a freshman that dictated what classes would be required to graduate in my major and that I had to hang onto for my entire college career), and it lays out, not just how many of what kinds of classes I’ll need to have, but exactly how many papers, projects, meetings, etc., I’ll have to have to graduate. When you look at the entire thing in one go, it’s a little intimidating.

I can do this. Right? Right??

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