Centenary World Cruise Day 32: Sea-ing is Believing

Although there was precious little going on today (another day at sea), evening was another matter. Another gala evening, but this time, we decided to dress up and at least go to dinner. While I think the Pirate is forbiddingly handsome all the time, the Pirate in a tuxedo is next-level handsome. We went to dinner at our regular place, where we have a table next to the window.

Toward the end of dinner, the Pirate pointed out the window – “Look!” The waves in the wake of the ship glowed with phosphorescent algae. As the waves formed under the surface of the water, a long line of bright cyan showed where it would break the surface. As the waves broke, the line of light limned the crest, and continued for at least 30 seconds after the wave had disappeared. The light would re-appear every few seconds, moving outward in the ship’s wake, dashed luminescent lines extending as far as we could see behind us.

The Pirate and I stood on our balcony for quite a while, hypnotized by the sight. I thought about trying to get video, but decided against it for two reasons. First, I am not a good enough videographer with my phone to trust that I would actually capture the sight. Second, I believe that not everything needs to be recorded. I like the idea that I will have to call this to mind unaided later. “But you won’t remember it perfectly,” you might say. Correct. And that’s a large part of the beauty.

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