Centenary World Cruise Day 63-64: Whitsunday Island

Day 63:

Today we’re at Whitsunday Island. We didn’t have a port adventure, and the only things within walking distance of the ship are fancy resorts, which aren’t really our scene, so we didn’t get off the ship.

I ended up contemplating the emergency poster on the back of our cabin door. There are two figures on this poster – a guy who looks like an escaped convict, and a person of indeterminate gender. I have to admit, I am far too fascinated with the pictures to have any idea what the poster says.  

Day 64

Another day at sea, where the most exciting thing that happened to me was finally getting to work more on my own writing, now that NonBinary Review is all done. YAY!

One response

  1. Just came across your post about airlie Beach. I’ve recently moved here and volunteer greeting cruise ship passengers to advise what to see. Such a shame you didn’t get off here, it’s like a tropical village with palm tree beaches, plenty of shops and walks and not just (if any) “big resorts” so you were sadly misinformed.
    Anyway i hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise and try to get off and wander at every stop you have plenty of time at sea to draw in your room!

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