Centenary World Cruise Day 88-90: Must Sea

Day 88:

Normally, I take advantage of the at sea days to get Zoetic Press work done, but today was spent trying to get online and having everything take six times as long, and even then things don’t always work. It’s frustrating, because although I got one issue out from the ship, that issue’s selections had mostly already been made. This time around, it’s going considerably less smoothly.

But I decided that, since I couldn’t get online, I’d work on the novel that I swore I’d finish while on the ship. Aaaaaaaaand it’s finished. [[huge sigh of relief]]

Now, it gets to rest for a bit before I start editing. Meanwhile, I’m planning the follow-up, because a I really love these characters.

Day 89:

Today, for the first time, they offered a photo scavenger hunt. On other cruises I’ve been on, these are a daily thing, but this is maybe only the second. Of the ten photos, we knew where three of them were, and we were able to find another three after running all over the ship, there were four that we never found. It was nice, though, because it gave us an excuse to run all over places on the ship we haven’t seen, like the baby nursery and the kid’s playroom. If I were a small child, I’d be outraged. Then again, what I’m comparing them to is the rooms set aside for various aged children on Disney cruises. I don’t think it’s exactly a fair comparison. 

Day 90:

We’re still looking for most of those photos.