Centenary World Cruise Day 51: I Can Sea You!

Day 51:

Another at sea day. My favorite thing on at-sea days is to order breakfast in and hang out in my pajamas until I feel moved to go do something else. Today, that something else was to sign up for the Crossing the Line Ceremony that will happen day after tomorrow. Apparently, the first time a sailor crosses the equator, it’s customary to ask King Neptune for permission, and this involves…well, I am not sure what it involves other than for some reason being covered in some kind of muck that will be supplied by the galley, and then having to kiss a real, actual, in no way pretend dead fish. But then I will be able to claim being a Shellback instead of a Pollywog, so that’s cool.  

We also discovered that all the Asian folks who got on the last time we were in Singapore hang out in the bar downstairs to have their lunch. I’d never been at the bar during lunchtime, so I didn’t realize that they put on some very nice-looking fish and chips. The only downside is that the fish is a fillet the size of my forearm, and the chips look to comprise at least 4 potatoes per serving.